A New Christmas Tradition

This Christmas, our family tried out what I think will become a new tradition - Christmas Crackers!

Christmas Crackers are a tradition in the UK which I first learned about while watching Doctor Who. A cracker looks like a tube that's twisted at the ends; when pulled, it tears open with a loud pop and several prizes come out. Last year my friend Derick gave us a set of crackers just after Christmas to use this year, so we've been looking forward to using them for a long time! Something I didn't realize until yesterday is that the crackers pop so loudly because they contain a strip of paper in the middle with some Silver Fulminate, which is highly unstable and explodes easily. Only a tiny amount is used and it's safely contained so there's no danger.

The crackers we got contained a slip of paper with lame jokes (dad-joke quality or better), a paper crown (these come in basically all crackers), and a small toy. My toy was a tiny set of bowling pins with a ball:

The pins are about 1" tall

All the crowns in our crackers were gold, though they sometimes come in different colors.

Derick also thought I looked like the Burger King mascot in my crown; I decided to take it as a compliment.

"Who wore it better?"      -Derick Lehman

"Who wore it better?"
     -Derick Lehman

It was a lot of fun to open the crackers before our Christmas meal and I think we'll continue the tradition for many years to come.

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?